Where have we come?

Lost in the tread?
Perhaps that’s most important to this generation ; perhaps being cold is the new cool.

We’re all victims of this, perhaps it doesn’t even matter if you’re from this generation or not, as long as you live in this world, you’ve become that cold, ignorant person, perhaps you think that’s the only way you can survive in this world.

But what about emotions?
What about feelings that make you different from all the other things on this planet? What about the things that make you human?

Are we that easily manipulated by science, that we’ve letting go of virtues that make us truly human and becoming robots?
Are we becoming the machines we strive to make in this world?
We’ve come to believe, not being effected by what happens around and being able to swear a little is a symbol of strength.

We’ve come to believe calling you best friend by swear words is normal?
We’ve come to believe there is nothing like cheating on your significant other and come to define cheating as, things not being in your favor.

Where have we come?

We’ve come a long way.

Our emotions, the virtues that were taught to us by our parents and loved ones have been lost and have been fading.

The trend has trapped everyone, perhaps even the ones who taught us to be away from them.

Strength is not in, not having emotions, strength is in having emotions, strength is in being able to feel, in embracing the virtues that make you truly human.

Perhaps if there was a time machine, I’d want to get back that time again, when emotions were pure and hypocrisy was just a word in the dictionary.


“On a gloomy day, when hopes are shattered, when the world has taken a different turn and your left alone in a crowded room… Words stop and emotions flow; they lose control, I lose control.. I want to scream “Stop!!”, I scream, no one hears, i go dumb, deaf to the world and suddenly……” A dazzling array of lights touches me A binding phenomenon, which helps me forget the void within me. It was a cold, breezy evening in Tuljapur. The sky was shimmering with a deep sense of serendipity. The sound of the breeze hitting my window plane spread an exquisite calmness within me ; a feeing inspired only by such evenings, as an emotional specific only to the cold, breezy evening in Tuljapur. As I  sat in my room, looking outside the window, I switched on the radio, as the waves of “THE BEATLES” washed over me a turbulent flow of memories rushed through me. John Lennon’s voice echoed around. A spider like web of emotions formed a cold knot in my stomach; in my soul. In this haze of emotions, I went out, started walking with no destination in my head…. As the darkness grew deeper and deeper, the breeze had a chilly rush which accentuated the ravages of my mind. The darkness was insignificant compared to the pain within , the silence in my heart was deafening. An intense emotion, aggravating every fibre of my very being. Perhaps it was the first time in a decade that a moist film had found its way from the depths of my  mind to my eyes. They say that the subconscious mind builds a dam like structure to store all painful thoughts and experiences. A single memory escaping out; on that day my dam broke. I poured my heart out to the stranger in the dark. Sepia coloured memories, hazy and interspersed with the cobwebs of time, all were let out to a stranger in the dark. Time seemed to have lost its essence, as it flew at a stunning pace. For hours and hours, a decade of pain flowed out of my  heart, until the dam held no more. All this while, he just looked at me and was a very good listener, as calmness restored my mind, the man, got up and turned away and slowly disappeared into the darkness. I tried following him, +to know who was he, was he someone sent by  the Almighty , or was he the Almighty himself? I screamed.. “who are you?? Where are you going?” but it was too late, he had gone, he had disappeared . As the first rays of the bright sun touched me, I was brought back to reality and everything was over…. The cold breeze, the darkness and even the stranger in the dark remained a mystery! As I was getting ready for a new day, things turned out to different… the good different… My smile came back, the child within my heart rose and I forever  lived  in serendipity!