Everyone has their share of bollywood…

We’re here to laugh at the odds, and live our lives so well that death trembles to take us.

As notorious as they looked, their souls were as innocent.

But in that notorious face they had a smile which could melt hearts. When they smiled, even time would stop.

Time would stop and embrace the moment, the joy and aura, their smile and laughter would create magic.

In their fights, they would exchange words, no one but they would understand.

They would have their share of chuckles and giggles in all serious moments, too.

They would drive each other insane in all the right and not the right ways.

When distance came to part them, fate conquered distance and brought them together ; surprising the two!

It wasn’t a surprise planned by either of them, but destined by fate.

How weird it is, all this time and even now after all this, they didn’t know what fate was? What was their fate? What was their fate together? All they knew was perhaps, they wanted each other more than anything else.

There was a saying inSRK’s flim, Om Shanti Om, ‘Aagar kisi cheese ko puri chiddaat se chao toh usee pane ke liya sari kainaat bhi lag jati hai’

Maybe it was actions given to SRK’s words.

Maybe it was actions given to their feelings.

But whatever it was, it was truly beautiful and they spread sheer joy in each other’s lives.

They had found their home in each other.

They were best friends and had found their soul mates in their best friends.




Let solitude be your way of life.

Sometimes loneliness wraps you even if you have people around and you start thinking about the times you’ve got your heartbroken and all the times you’ve wanted more from life, because you know  you deserve so much more.

Sometimes it feels like Love is a foreign word – a foreign concept you hear people talking about but you don’t really understand a thing, or perhaps your concept of Love is just very different and you’ll never find anyone with the same idea.

But you know, its okay, little lady, that is what makes you different, it makes you a butterfly, living life beautifully, not affected by the harsh world.

Sometimes it feels like the kind of love you want ;the people you want to be surrounded by, isn’t in your cards and while that’s something you’ll never know for sure, you still make the most of your journey.

Maybe your journey isn’t about love, maybe it’s more than just that.

Maybe its about finding your passion and following it, or moving to a new city and finding another side of life that excites you. Maybe its about finding a new hobby, a new talent, or a new idea that could possibly be the next big thing and maybe its about travelling and roaming the world till you find the meaning of life or until you figure out what you’re born to do.

Maybe its not about intimacy, maybe its about inspiration.

Maybe its about meeting people who inspire you to do better ever day, live better every day, to be a better person, to learn something different or perhaps they shall enlighten you with their wisdom, with their stories and have changed their lives. Maybe its about doing things solo so you can truly listen to your thoughts, so you can make decisions that aren’t influenced by anyone’s thoughts and maybe its about being inspired by yourself. You strength, your rawness, your battles, your scares, your stories.
Maybe your journey is about changing your own life.

Maybe its not about attachment, its about letting go..

Maybe its about love but letting go. Maybe its about redefining love and what it means to you, or maybe its about letting go of the remains of sorrow you’ve felt, the tears you’ve shed, so you can fall in love with yourself all over again, and trust me, that’s the best kind of love.

Maybe for you, life is about letting go and making new memories everyday with new people, maybe its about falling in love every day with yourself.

Maybe your journey is not about finding love, maybe its about loving yourself more than yesterday, maybe its about rebuilding yourself or maybe its in walking away.

Walking away from it all, that weighs your beautiful heart down, you’re a magnificent being who is stronger than anybody you know.

And always remember, you’re not walking away because you’re weak, you walk away because you feel the emotions life offers and embrace them.
You walk away, because you know, you heart deserves so much more, because you deserve only the best and nothing less.

You’re the strongest and most beautiful person, you’ll ever know, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.