From friends to family and even more..

To my tribe of humans,

I love you.
And I won’t ever stop saying it. No matter how much it bugs you, this overdose of mush that I am.

And I know you secretly smile each time when I tell you what you mean to me.
I know how you equally appreciate our shared silences.  And the memories we have are just so many..

Untamed, wild, pure and free.

Here we are, years later, looking at the stars from your window and talking about everything under the sky.

How did it happen? How did it all start?
Because you  should know, you longer fit in the “friends” bill.
You have slid easily and deeply into the “soul tribe” one.
You have become “existence essentials.”

You are family.

And what a ride we’ve had, huh? From those early days when we were just learning how each other’s thoughts to now, when we no longer voice them out but know they are understood. From the time when we recognized each other’s soul to now, when we bask in each other’s presence. From when we would worry about fights to now, when we yell and scream only to hug it out in the end.

We’ve come a long way, loves. We’ve come to embracing each other’s dark as we celebrated our light. We’ve come to know how our fingers our shaped and how warm our ears get when we blush. We’ve come to know the way we smell as we lay down, side by side, on the bed and have reruns of our favorite movies. We’ve come to sense each other’s emotions like the incoming of our very own.

There are days when we can’t stand each other but to imagine a life without you’ll is like sinking into a void I’d never want to come out of. There are days when I just want to punch out all your teeth and tell you how much you annoy me, but I can’t imagine a moment when I don’t get to hug the hell out of your atoms.

Do you see? Do you see how every single day with you is a day I’d mark on the calendar because my loves, family is family.

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